Unstoppable snacking? Our top 3 tips to support stress eating.

Feeling like a snack monster? If you’re anything like me, I’ve been snacking my ass off these past few months- when the kitchen is also your office it’s easy to proscrasta-snack 24/7. Procrasta-snacking in itself can be a source of stress, sometimes it’s boredom, sometimes it’s anxiety and sometimes it’s unexplainable.   We’ve compiled our […]

Top 10 tips for keeping well this winter

Between scrolling through our socials, banter with the gals and those awkward pre-everyone-jumping-onto-the-zoom-meeting convos, we are having so many chats about how we are surviving this winter. Let’s face it, this winter has been a weird one. Maybe the weirdest one yet, thanks to #isolife. The reality is, we’re creatures of habit and without the […]

WTAF does it mean to be healthy?

WTAF does it means to be healthy? For a very long time we have been told that to be healthy we need to focus on primarily improving our physical self and changing the way we look. We have been convinced that we’re never small enough, fit enough, eating well enough. We would then go on […]

The diet doesn’t have to start on Monday.

We often find when chatting with friends & family that so many of the foods we really love to eat are labelled as ‘bad’ foods. It seems unfair right? Why do all the ‘bad’ foods taste so good? We don’t know about you, but for us, when we eat those foods it can create a […]

3 ways namaste healthy during #isolife.

What a world we’re in RN, supermarket shelves are empty, panic buying is rife and self-isolation/WFH has led to lots of us feelin’ the heat with food and our bodies. ‘Procrasta-baking’ is a real thing, fitspo influencers are pushing workouts for days down our throats and anything that’s available to us goes in the gob. […]

Weighing up the science on weight.

The 6 scientific reasons weight ≠ health 1. The shape and size of our bodies is not a good indicator of overall health. We all have that mate, who are #blesssed (according to our diet obsessed culture) with a smaller body but don’t actually treat their body like a temple at all! Maybe even the […]


Have you ever taken a step back and noticed a bombardment of diets and weight related content lurkin’ in the background (or not so background at times) on your social media feed? This background noise is amplified by the fact that our human brain is innately wired to think negatively. This was hugely helpful in […]

Self compassion and why we’re so hard on ourselves.

Did you know as human’s we are wired to think negatively? When we were hunters and gatherers it helped us protect us against threats of other animals. We had to think negatively about a rustle in the bushes and assume it was a larger animal or one that could harm us because if it was, […]

Variety is the spice of life

There is compelling science to suggest that people who chose a way of eating that is highly varied and largely based around the 5 core food groups, regardless of whether they have any other foods in their repertoire (what you once may have labelled as ‘bad’), enjoys a much lower risk of chronic disease than […]